Summer training in chandigarh

summer training in chandigarh

Summer training in Chandigarh

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the oldest training center providing summer training in Chandigarh. We are one of the best summer training providers in the north region. Our Summer training in Chandigarh specifically focuses on professional requirements.

Netmax technologies provide the three months summer training for software programming, IoT Training, AutoCAD, plc automation in Chandigarh. Netmax started in 2001 and providing the best services in software programming, networking, internet marketing, electronics field for keeping the best Summer training in Chandigarh for almost seventeen years. We have a lot of ties up with large industries and even educational institutions. University students of a different region visit Netmax technologies to take professional training for IT industry. Summer training is the time when MBA students are sent for three months training. We have special batches for MBA students in our summer training course. Join a demo class for summer training in Chandigarh.

Join best summer training in Chandigarh from Netmax technologies for different courses:

  • Java application development

  1. Introduction to Javasummer training in chandigarh
  2. Advance feature in JDK7
  3. Constructor, Overloading
  4. Multithreaded programming creating
  5. TCP/IP basis
  6. Data types & variable
  7. Packages, Interfaces
  8. TCP/UDP Sockets
  9. streams & File handling


  •   PHP Programming:

  1. presentation to PHPsummer training in chandigarh
  2. Analysis of PHP
  3. Essential syntex
  4. Explaining multiple and continual
  5. PHP reports version
  6. Technician and also exposition
  7. Managing HTML variety with PHP
  8. Recording from computer data
  9. Handling multi-value filed
  10. Attracting record submitted type

  • Python with IoT

  1. utilize python interactivelysuummer training in chandigarh
  2. Implement a python programme  in IoT
  3. Manipulate python versions, phrases, or not a bit
  4. Using series literals and series design
  5. utilize python statement keep going
  6. Appreciate the variance between phrases or reports
  7. Recognize project semantics
  8. article writer and also call an essay occasion
  9. Make use of high-level information versions for instance details or dictionaries
  10. Import and also implement a component

  • PLC automation

  1. summer training in chandigarhSolitary & deal actuator circuits, website design relating to utilization
  2. Cabling of plc connected with delivering reasoning with plc
  3. Substitute for used relays contractors and others
  4. searching the arrangement of plc based on equipment
  5. Crimping/Soldering of connectivity wiring
  6. Defect getting of  special multiple
  7. Easy ladder progress utilizing plc, for instance, Siemens, ABB, Allan Bradley, orman etc.
  8. Different ladder improvement making use of plc Siemens, Fanuc, Omran, Messenger etc.
  9. Various ladder invotaion use of timers in circuit TON, TOF, RTO
  10. Several ladder creation: use of counters in circuit CTU, CTD counting mechanism, sensor

  • Networking

  1. Ascertain the systems and press accessibility manage technique for Ethernet signals
    Determine primary turning basics and performance of Cisco modifies.
  2. Configure and also determine primary turn constructing which includes remote accessibility managing.
  3. Identify network position or switch performance utilizing general equipment just like ping, telnet or ssh.
  4. Verify increased converting technology.
  5. Explain how VLANs produce practically individual networks as well as the requirement for configuration between all of them.

Why choose Netmax Technologies Pvt. Ltd for summer training in Chandigarh:summer training in chandigarh

  1. We have industry’s  best trainers.
  2. Trainers have more than 6+ year of experience.
  3. We have well-equipped labs and labs are customized as per course requirements.
  4. We have discounts for the student.
  5. We give practical training with live projects handling.

Visit Netmax Technologies for summer training in Chandigarh

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summer training in chandigarh
Summer Traning in Chandigarh
Summer Traning in chandigarh
Summer Traning in Chandigarh



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