Summer training in Haryana

summer training in haryana

Summer training in Haryana

Netmax technologies provide excellent summer training in Haryana for different trades like mechanical,  Electronics, and Software summer training in Haryana. Netmax providing the modern technologies like Autocad, plc automation, Iot, Robotics, PHP, Java, Digital marketing, Embedded system etc, since 2001. Netmax Technologies is just one of most beneficial industrial training providing since 2001.

Join Preferable of the class Summer training in Haryana with Netmax technologies in different fields Just like:

summer training in haryana

AutoCAD:summer training in chandigarh

  1. Design and drafting.
  2. Structure analysis.
  3. Structure designing.
  4. Building Modeling.
  5. Learn on site.

Java:summer training in chandigarh

  1. Basic of java.
  2. Serialization.
  3. Collection.
  4. OOPS, Concepts.
  5. internationalization.
  6. String handling.
  7. Exception handling.
  8. Networking.
  9. Nested classes.
  10. layout managers.
  11. Multithreading.
  12. Java new features.
  13. Synchronization.
  14. AWT and event handling.
  15. Input and output.

PHP:summer training in chandigarh

  1. PHP Cooking and conference management.
  2. How to work with forms and system file.
  3. Objects.
  4. Various data types.
  5. Error handling.
  6. Performance optimization of PHP applications.
  7. Various database concepts.
  8. Secure PHP programming.
  9. Model view controller.
  10. AJAX.
  11. Fundamentals of PHP development.
  12. Advanced PHP function.
  13. Advance OOPS in PHP classes.

PLC Automation:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Sensing devices.
  3. How plc works.
  4. Login diagrams.
  5. Allen Bradly PLC.
  6. Programming software and applications.
  7. Electrical engineering documents.
  8. Practical Troubleshooting.
  9. Programming instruction.

Digital marketing in Netmax:summer training in hary

  1. Introduction to digital marketing.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. S.E.O.
  4. Mobile marketing.
  5. Content marketing.
  6. Social media marketing.
  7. Digital display marketing.
  8. Email marketing.
  9. Google Adwords.
  10. Google analytics.
  11. Web analytics.
  12. Pay per click.


summer training in haryana
summer training in Haryana
  1. 3d sketching.
  2. Sketcher basics.
  3. Surface overview.
  4. Core & cavity.
  5. Editing features.
  6. Part Modeling.
  7. Advanced modeling tools.
  8. Creating reference geometries.
  9. Assembly.
  10. Sheet metal.
  11. Simulation.
  12. Import/export of files.
  13. Configuration.
  14. Design table/library features.
  15. Bill of material and balloon tools.

Web development:summer training in haryana

  1. Classified Websites.
  2. Content management system.
  3. Custom programming solution.
  4. Social networking website.
  5. Shopping cart development.
  6. Payment Gateway Integration.
  7. E-commerce Application Development.
  8. Travel/News/Job portals.
  9. B2B, B2C and C2C websites.
  10. Website Maintenance.


summer training in haryana
summer training in haryana
  1.  Cisco unified communication solution.
  2. Endpoint & end-user administration.
  3. Unity connection and unified presence.
  4. Enabling End-user telephony and mobility features.
  5. Calling to private network/public network.
  6. Configuring private telephone exchange.
  7. Cisco IP Communicator.
  8. Cisco IP phone.
  9. Call Flows in CUCM & CUCM Express.
  10. Administrator and end-user interfaces.

Why choose Netmax technologies Pvt Ltd summer training in Haryana:

  1.  Give the best Summer Traning in Haryana or placement with specific education themes.
  2. Expedite regular, Saturday and Sunday and personalized Summer Traning in Haryana.
  3. The most beneficial staff of Qualified Specialist Instructors with 10+ years of Genuine Industry Working experience.
  4. Best classrooms very well equipped with projectors, Wireless wi-fi connectivity.
  5. The strength to retake the training at no-charge such as frequently as needed.
  6.  Labs are well equipped with modern technology.
  7. Trainers of Summer training in Haryana assists in dominant project training, additional project training, live project arrangement, job interview preparing or career placement guidance.
  8. We have special labs for discussion to improve Self Study.


If you have any confusion and query, feel free to contact us at are our main branch. We have no office in Haryana:

 Summer training in haryana

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